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Each city has special places where travellers feel what this city about. Read our Helsinki places list!



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Just start with the center of Helsinki heart, right by the sea! There are three oldest blocks in the city which called Torikorttelit. The small district full of colourful buildings, nice spots for taking pictures, courtyards, terraces and unique shops. Besides that, the whole block has a big cultural-historical, architectural and urban value.





Do you want to see more of unique Finnish architecture, local lifestyle and embodiment of ideas? Then walk a little further along the sea and reach the peninsula called Katajanokka. And do not be surprised if you see bears, cats or strange plants on the walls of houses. This is an architectural style, which is called here Finnish romanticism. The whole island full of interesting places: the old prison, which now works as a hotel, one of the oldest Russian restaurant «Bellevue», colourful streets, hidden courtyards and many spots for picnic with fascinating view.






The next place hold by the biggest Helsinki newspaper. Sanomatalo is local paradise for journalists and media people, some Finns call it also cultural oasis. The building is located right next to the central railway station, and even if it is actual workplace for many local journalists, you are very welcome to go inside. There you can observe, for example, open Finnish radio studios with the real-time recording or take interesting pics and feel the local urban vibes.


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Well, since we already in this cultural mood, the next place it is a wonderful and brand new library Oodi.  And do not forget that libraries in Finland are not only book places. Here it is more like cultural space where everybody could find something interesting to do. Well, you can play guitar, for example, or join to all kind of speaking clubs, or play games, or just relax with cup of coffee and enjoy nice view. Each library in Helsinki has some unique features, and if, after visiting Oodi, you want to see more, here is our list of coolest Helsinki libraries!


SibeliusPark PaulWilliams


Helsinki is one of the greenest capital in the world and one very local thing is to spend time in the parks. For example Sibelius Park, where you can find interesting and maybe a bit strange monument in honor of the great composer Sibelius. Many travellers use the pipes of this monument to create unusual and interesting photographs. The park is located near the sea and it is perfect place for summer picnic as well, and if you forget to take food with you, there is traditional Finnish caffe “Regata” with a long story and tasty dishes.

Btw, all those places were absolutely free entry, and if exploring the city in a budget is your thing, do not forget to visit free places with the best panoramic view in Helsinki! 




Helsinki city museum

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Let’s start from located right in the center Helsinki City Museum. It’s the best place to start exploring the history and culture of the city and the entrance is absolutely free. They have big and fascinating museum part only for children and two floors of city exhibition for adults. After visiting this place you will definitely know how Finnish bars, yards or even apartments looked like in the past.

If you want to immerse yourself in local life even deeper, then go to the Burgher’s House Museum. There you can experience everyday life and living in a wooden house of the bourgeois in 1860s and 70s. Pay attention on the the ceilings in the kitchen of these houses and you can see an interesting way to store bread, which Finns used in the past.

The next free entry museum is a quite unique place in some way. Päivälehden museo is all about journalism and media in Finland. The place has a huge collection of news notes and thousands of really interesting journalist pictures. The biggest local newspaper Helsinki Sanomat sponsored and opened this place to promote media literacy and instill interest in reading among people.

Now it’s time to talk about money. But don’t worry, museums in this article are still free of charge. It’s just the next one is Bank of Finland museum. It’s all about money, really nice presentation of information and pregnant statue made out of bisected euros. Definitely worth to visit!



My Helsinki        Matti Pyykkö

 The highlight of our list of free entry museums in Helsinki is Sinebrychoff Art Museum. The free admission to this museum is only for 2nd floor, where was the actual house of Paul and Funny Sinebrychoff. But precisely there, is the most valuable collection of internationally important paintings by European masters. By the way the Sinebrychoff family were Russian beer producers in Helsinki and the beer «Koff» you can still find in the Helsinki shops.

But even museums with entrance fee have their free days! Read how it works and what museums have free entry days!

And of course Helsinki is not only about museums and there are plenty of special local places with real city atmosphere. 

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