Trip to Lautasaari

Lauttasaari is a big island and also a district of Helsinki that you can reach by metro or bus.
There are two metro stations, one is Lauttasaaren metroasema and the other one is Koivusaaren metroasema.
In the island you will get to see how people live there with quite many apartments and houses in the center and great seaside view by the seashores.
There are many parks to have picnic and also a beach. The nearest park to the Lauttasaaren metro is Pajalahden puisto which is quite big with many benches to sit and nicely taken care, but the biggest park would be the city park which is by the seaside. Scroll down to see more about City park.
After passing Pajalahden puisto and continues to walk towards the seaside, you will get to see a beautiful scenery by the seaside. There is also a harbor with many yachts and benches to rest. You can take pretty pictures here and also see ducks and swam swimming.
On the same area you will get to find a Fin-Duck rent where you can have sauna inside.
As you continue to walk there will be only apartments by the seaside but if you observe carefully you will be able to find blueberries in small bushed area. 
Then there is a café called ‘Mutteri’ which has been there since 1927. It is quite small but it would be interesting to go to a 90years old café.
When you come back to the metro station, there is a famous Italian restaurant called ‘Casa Mare’ nearby. It can be crowded during weekends.
If you go by walking then you will also see some outlets on your way.
Then, that’s the end of the journey for one small part of Lauttasaari within 1-2 hours.
If you want to go to the beach, there is Kasinonranta where they have a playground for children and nice place to relax.
You can buy food at nearby grocery store, LIDL.
If you are more interested in experiencing the Finnish forest you can go to the City park, pick some blueberries, see the transportation of boats, and have a meal at a nice restaurant with seaside view. (Blue peter restaurant is recommended with great view).
At the City park there is a small beach and a sauna place as well. Old Finnish ladies like to enjoy sauna and swimming here.
Hope you will also make a great journey here.


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