Helsinki: urban life

Wondering how finnish urban life looks inside?

Finnish people love and respect their nature. Most of them spend their weekends outside and there are lots of possibilities for that. You can spend a day in a park, go out to an island or even rent a cottage with family or friends.

Helsinki can offer varieties of different entertainment for all tastes.puisto

Picnic or a lunch in the open air is very common and popular among Finns. On sunny days you can see people all over parks grilling, chilling and enjoying themselves.

Kaivopark, Kansalaispark, Ruttopark, Sibeliuspark in Töölö, Alppipuisto are popular among locals. Distant lovers can have their picnics on Lauttasaaren Kalliotour, in Suomenlinna or Kallahdenniemi in Vuosaari.

While spending time outside in nature you need to remember that in Finland there is a law we call “jokamiehenoikeudet” which means that everyone has a right to use nature regardless.

Litter and kindle the fire is forbidden.



For those who like to bask in the sun (sunbath lovers) Helsinki has equipped beaches. There is a (Hietaniemi beach, Uunisaaren beach and there is also Suomenlinnan beach). And If you prefer staying in city than going out there are multiplicity of swimming pools in and around Helsinki.

I am often told that Helsinki is a boring city, and there isnt any fun to do. Well, sometimes you just have to look closer. And in the end of the day you will be falling in love with this city as i did.


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