Nightlife in Helsinki

Helsinki is a city in a northern and dark country, but it still shines bright at night. Dive in, there is something for everyone to explore after sunset! From chill pubs and bars of Kallio district to glamourous clubs in the center, like the greek-Gods style El Patron and Crystal Show dancers.

If you’d like to enjoy a drink with a perfect cityscape to look at, then Maxine club that’s located at the top floor of Kamppi shopping center is the right choice for you.

Music lover? Then you should check out those places - Apollo Live Club and Capital are great for both live music enjoyers and those wanting to see a standup comedy.  Circus often hosts concerts of all sorts, whereas Tavastia is a haven for rock lovers. It also has day concerts for kids, because rock is for all ages.circus

 At Crystal show club you can enjoy the beauty of finnish dancers as well as the art show of seduction.

 Nothing spells a bold, posh and extravagant place like Grotesk bar&restaurant does. Apart from their delicious steaks, Grotesk can    literally surprise you with their special menu set that you will explore after you’ve chosen it.

 Teatteri club may feel like a united nations assembly once you look into its bar drinks menu. Drinks are named after countries, so you may want to have an actual taste of Finland!

 For LGBT+ community there is a great place to spend a fun evening in a cool atmosphere, and DTM is the most popular gay club in Helsinki.

Do you wanna play a game? Among our spectacular bars is the Shot bar, in the heart of Helsinki. It will amuse you with a Spin-the-wheel game, where you’ll enjoy a drink that the wheel points out.

Spårakoff is a pub on wheels, a tram that goes around Helsinki, while you enjoy your beer. A unique experience for sure.sporakoff

Hardrock cafe is a cheerfull place where you can enjoy live music and rock n’ roll design, as well as some tasty burgers.

For an international atmosphere and to watch football, the Aussie bar is the way to go!

On a misty evening strolling through the darker streets of Helsinki, with a film noire atmosphere, you may miss the hidden entrance to the Trilby & Chadwick Detective Agency. To get in, you will need to know the code word, so you can sit down and enjoy delicious cocktails of this place. Secrecy is obligatory, therefore no photo-taking allowed inside.

Come to Rymy-Eetu to eat, drink and dance on the tables! A finnish-german restaurant and bar that has live music too and is open until 4.30am. Enjoy authentic schnitzels and sausages.

Drink and dine like a king at Kaarle XII. It is available for booking and can make your event truly special. On friday nights sing your lungs out in karaoke!

Give me liberty or give me death. The choice is yours, and you can think about it at Liberty or Death bar while you enjoy their quality cocktails.

 hard rock kafe There is no other district in Helsinki or maybe in the whole Finland, like Kallio. The true finnish feel of culture, the people, the atmosphere of the nation can be experienced in many of its pubs. Accessible by tram and metro (between Hakaniemi and Sörnäinen metro stations), you can also walk around and see for yourself.

 To start your drinking adventure, we recommend visiting the famous Lepakkomies bar (Batman). Right next to Sörnäinen metro station, it has 3 floors of different lounges. Hosting small rock music concerts, batman design on one of the floors, you will find it a fun place to stay in.

 If you’re a book-lover, looking for a calm and cosy atmosphere, the Sivukirjasto is the perfect getaway from the loud outside world. Library themed, it has books on the shelves you can glance through, or bring your own.

Musta kissa has good pizzas and kebab, selection of beers, wines, cocktails and shots. It is the place in the heart of Kallio, where Finnish 70's vintage, good times and good music meet. Live music and experimental art are proudly supported there.

For a large group it is worth visiting Mascot, a 2-floor pub that also serves great cherry beer.

Briefly about Shisha Deluxe. This place is smokin’ hot and you’re going to enjoy its top quality and flavours for hookahs. Affordable prices also make this place worth a visit.

If there is a pub where the Kallio atmosphere is the most intense, it is the Las Vegas pub. American style and overall a nice trashy place, it is popular among locals.

Moving on from the Kallio district to the central part of Helsinki around railway station. There is a large number of bars and pubs so you won’t have to look far to find something good.

Ølhus København is a well-known Danish beer restaurant that strikes with its classical interior design as well as its wide selection of beer and ale.

If you’re looking for a place in the most perfect location, look no further than Henry’s. Located in the Kamppi square, the pub often hosts comedy nights, shows and gigs.

Belge is a 2-floor Belgian beer restaurant that serves traditional food, as well as beer. Open every day of the week.urhos pub logo

In the name of a finnish president Urho Kekkonen, there is a pub St. Urho. It has an interesting history and serves over 100 types of beer.

Helsinki is spacious, and it is abundant in open-air places to stroll by. For instance, Löyly (located in Hernesaari peninsula), is a large public sauna, that is ideal for exploring finnish sauna culture.

A romantic evening is guaranteed in Mattolaituri seaside cafe located in Kaivopuisto park.

For partying outside in the same park, there is Kaivohuone. It often hosts events or thematic club nights.

And finally, Recatta – a cafe by the sea, located in Töölö next to Sibelius park. It is a unique cosy chaos of many various items either dangling from the ceiling or hanging on the wall. Wooden design and outside grill for everyone. They also have SUP-boards and kayaks available for renting.

Finnish culture is also known for their love of rock and metal music. Here are 2 most popular places to enjoy the music:

Villi Wäinö is rock pub. There’s usually lively atmosphere and crowded. Also a unique  possibility to enjoy black sauna in the centre of helsinki.

Apart from being a rock club, Tavastia truly connects rock lovers of all ages, as they have rock concerts for children on Sundays during daytime. No discrimination when it comes to rock.



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