Helsinki for kids

Are you planning to visit Helsinki with young children? Or do not know how to make the trip fascinating and memorable for the whole family? Then this article is for you! We made a selection of the most famous and not very places for family leisure in the metropolitan region.

Outdoor activities.

The Finnish capital is friendly to the guests of the city at any time of the year, but in summer it is especially beautiful. You can begin your acquaintance with Helsinki with sightseeing tours around the islands. In the vicinity of the city there are about 300 islands. Famous for all the sea fortress Suomenlinna is located on eight islands near the capital, which can be reached by ferry in 15 minutes. For children, the most interesting will be a museum of dolls and toys on the island.

During summer time island Pihlaajasaari becomes one of the most visited places for picnics or swimming. It can be reached by “sea” bus, which is send on schedule from Ruoholahti or Merisatama.

In the Esplanada park the whole family can get a picnic and listen to music of local musicians. Park Kaivopuisto and Kumpula are perfect for walking and sightseeing. And if you or your child sparkle interest in the unusual and tropical plants, then visit the botanical garden Kasvitieteellinen garden park Kaisaniemi, the winter garden Talvipuutarha or Gardenia Park.

For urban small residents, it will be an amazing trip to small pet farms: Fallkullan kotieläintila, Haltialan tila and Leikkipuisto Linnunrata. There you can see how they live and at the same time pat sheep, goats, cats, horses, cows, chickens, geese and ducks. It is easy to get there by public transport.

If it's hot or you just want to take off the fatigue, the best places to swim in either outdoor pools, such as Kumpulan maauimala, Uimastadion and Allas Sea Pool, or the city's pools.

Flamingo SpaYou can also spend an excellent day in the water park Flamingo (Vantaa) or Serena (Espoo). Flamingo waterpark for toddlers provides shallow pools with warm water, and for older children, slides of different heights and pools with attractions. In addition, there are swimming pools for jumping into the water, "rapid flow" with the flow, spa area, whirlpool and geyser. On the territory of the water park you can also have a snack in the Cafe Hesburger or Maya. In addition to the water park, in the amusement park Flamingo you can play golf, bowling or billiards. On the third floor of the entertainment center, along with older children, you can test yourself and your friends in exciting and challenging tasks in the "Flamingon Prison Island". On the same floor, you can have fun in a futuristic and super popular laser game Megazone. On the second floor is the first virtual park in Scandinavia Pixel. The spectrum of the best games and short films will take you around the world, to the mountains and the cosmos. An unforgettable experience and adventure await you in virtual reality! And on the ground floor for children younger there is an island for playing Naurusaari, where they can have fun and play all day long.

Serena waterpark

If you want to visit one of the largest water parks not only in Finland, but also in Northern Europe, then Serena is just for you. In this park, which is built right in the rock and surrounded by pine forest, you will see 7 pools with different attractions: "Tornado", "Black Hole", "Wild Stream", etc. For toddlers there are also have children's pools and slides. In the spa area you will find cave saunas, a Turkish bath, hydromassage and waterfalls. To restore strength, go to the Granina restaurant or the bar on the terrace. In addition to the aqua park, Serena offers a wide range of activities from nature walks and archery to motor racing, rock climbing and off-road trips.

You will spend an unforgettable day in the amusement park Linnanmäki with the whole family near the center of Helsinki. The entrance to the park is free of charge, there are also 8 free roundabouts for babies and one observation deck for Panorama with adults, from where you can see a magnificent view of the city from a height of 50 meters. To ride on any of the 42 attractions, you need to buy a one-time ticket or a bracelet for the whole day. There are many restaurants, cafes and stalls with ice cream and cotton candy in the park.

hki sea lifeSea Life Helsinki Oceanarium will acquaint you with its marine life and leave an unforgettable impression of the underwater world, be sure to buy a souvenir in memory at the store on the exit. The ticket should be bought separately as for other entertainment, for example "school for the production of cotton candy" (Hattarakoulu), where you can make this delicacy yourself. Be sure to ask the map of the park when buying tickets to see and explore the entire park. Stock up on small things to play in lotteries and various games, shoot from water pistols, go fishing, and also be photographed for memory in the photobooth. During summer time there are circus performances and concerts on the open stage.

If you visit Espoo, then you have to cheak the sports complex Leppävaara Sports Park for sure. This is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Here you can engage in fitness and gymnastics, as well as various sports: tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. In addition, the complex has adult and children's pools, saunas, playgrounds and a huge skate park.

There you will also stroll through one of Angry Birds theme parks, the second one is in Suurpelto area. Kids will enjoy the hills and swings, hanging bridges and climbing walls. This site is free for all ages.

zippyNext to it, 500 meters from the stadium, is the rope amusement park Huippu. You will face several routes of varying complexity, where no special training is required for their passage. You will need to balance on ropes, crawl through the tunnels, cross the swinging bridges at a height of 4 to 18 meters. At the end of each route, the adventure will end with a breathtaking glide along the cable down. Even the smallest visitors of 100 cm will be able to experience themselves in such an incredible adventure. The park is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day.

Do you want to get unique natural impressions? Then you should visit the adventure trails of different complexity in the park Zippy! There are 9 trails in the park, two of which are designed for children from three years and two for the first workout for beginners. You have to climb the stairs to the trees, pass the track balancing on a rope at a height, slide down the slope.  

Another rope park Korkee (Korkee Mustikkamaa, Korkee Paloheinä) offers children and adults routes with more than 100 different tasks and adventures. Do you like wildlife and landscapes combined with fun puzzles? Then you should try yourself in finding the hiding places in the forest. A team of at least two people is given a GPS-portable navigator and other necessary tools for finding caches for solving problems (Book in advance). For those who prefer peace of mind and do not want to rise to the height, they can work out yoga in the woods on a rocky ground in the middle of Finnish nature in the immediate vicinity of the park (book for 2 weeks, at least 4 people from 15 years old).

zooAt the same place as Korkee Mustikkamaa Park, there is the Korkeasaari Zoo. This one of the few zoos is located on the island. You should definitely see the pride of the zoo - big cats - it's lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, European wild cats and manulas. Besides the variety of animals and plants, you will enjoy the nature and landscape of the island. The child will be delighted with visiting the zoo!

The Tropicario Terrarium in the center of Helsinki is a scary place for those who are afraid of snakes and spiders, they will surround you from all sides. But do not worry too much, they are behind the glass! So calmly approach and watch their unhurried life. And if you have any questions, the caretaker will be happy to tell you about the history of the terrarium and its inhabitants.

Does your child know the rules of the road? "Children's Motor City" (Lasten liikennekaupunki) offers parents in theory, and then in practice, to teach children over 5 years of age all the rules of the road. The transport park is a small copy of the city with roads, signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, where children move as pedestrians and on velomobiles. Admission is free, one session at the wheel for half an hour.


Let´s pretend you do not have time to visit many places in Helsinki, go to the shopping area in the city center by the SkyWheel Ferris Wheel. From there, you will enjoy a stunning view of the center of Helsinki and its surroundings and the nearby islands, including the notorious Suomenlinna fortress. There you can also visit the Finnish sauna both on the Ferris wheel and on the ground. What you have not tried, is deffinetly a trip in a unique gondola on leather seats with a glass floor and a glass of champagne on the Finnish Gulf. And most importantly, it's all in one place!

And do not forget to fly over Helsinki in 4D reality! Flytour Helsinki will leave unforgettable impressions about the capital of Finland! As a result of the introduction of the latest technology of special effects, you can fly over Helsinki in 10 minutes and see the most popular sights of the city.


Amusement parks.

The Finnish capital is not always please with good weather, if not very fortunate, then you will definitely have fun with the whole family in the HopLop entertainment center. In the metropolitan region there are several such centers: Ruoholahti, Konala, Roihupelto, Vantaa. In the park there is a multi-level labyrinth, trails with obstacles, inflatable attractions and trampolines, a specially designated place for toddlers, cafes, and much more. The center is intended for children of all ages, for parents and toddlers up to the year admission is free.

In Leikkiluola the covered entertainment center, an exciting adventure begins even when descending down the elevator to a depth of 30 meters. Then small adventurers on the red carpet find themselves in the cave of games. Where there is an updated labyrinth, trampolines, various slides and playgrounds, a zone for toddlers and cafes. Children up to one year and parents free admission.

Play Point Park, which is located in the store Prisma district of Itäkeskus, is not only a small amusement park for children, but a place for parents to relax. For an additional fee (7 euro / hour) you can leave the child to play while shopping in the store. At this time, your child will climb through the mazes, ride a roller coaster and on the carousel, jump on trampolines, etc.

To save children from unnecessary energy, add aerobic and physical exertion, bring the children to one of the trampolines. Tempputemmellys is a modern sports center for children and teenagers, where besides trampolines and streaks with obstacles, there are parkour classes. For the guests of the city there is an opportunity to jump on trampolines without any guidance and just have fun. Recommended for children from 1 year to 8 years, accompanied by adults, from 8 to 18 requires the written consent of the parents.

get air1Rush Trampoliinipuisto will allow you to do whatever you want: jump on trampolines, pass obstacle courses without fear of falling, because you have to fall on soft foam cube, arrange gladiatorial fights with the same foam rubber batons, try yourself as a balancer, play in basketball, etc. Admission to children under 6 years of age, accompanied by an adult is free.

Get air Trampoline park with a view of the usual trampoline park, but it's not so easy to pass the obstacle course for a ninja or to pass along a cable ladder. Entrance without age restrictions.

You will not have one day to try everything that SuperPark offers! An incredible amount of sports activities await you in this park. Each child will find an adventure to his liking in the Adventure Corner: these are trampolines, and cable cars, and game towers and much more. In the game arena, together with older children, you will try yourself in different sports. And in the freestyle zone, you will become an extreme, doing parkour, climbing, or jumping on not at all children's trampolines.

Can´t visit Legoland? Then come to the theme park of Lego. It presents different sides of the world of lego, children can see a variety of lego creations, build something themselves and take part in construction competitions, jump on a trampoline and drive cars.

Very popular recently, the quests can be found in any country in the world. We found at least 6 escape rooms in Helsinki. With children from 8 years you can go to Kid Escape, Amazed, InsideOut Escape games or Escape room. A terrible and more interesting Game Over and LabyrinthGames with teenagers. Choose to your taste quest and forward to adventure!   

Team game Look & Run will appeal to both adults and teenagers. To play the game you need at least a small knowledge of the city and a good team to defeat competitors, solving puzzles and tasks in finding the right places for the city.


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