Free museums and worth cultural places to visit in Helsinki

Would you like to know more about the deep side of Finland?
There are quite many free entry museums within the city of Helsinki for you to explore more about the history and the interesting story of Finland.
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If you want to see old buildings and apartments of Helsinki then, you should definitely go to torikorttelit which is just 5 minutes walk from Tuomikirkko (White church, landmark of Finland).  
You will be able to enjoy colorful buildings which were built from 17th and 18th centuries. There are cafes and accessories shops opened on the street as well.


Katajanokka is also a great district to visit in viewing more local yards and the life style of Finland from old centuries.
The street leads to the harbor and it is great to go for a picnic enjoying the fantastic view there. An oldest restaurant of Finland “Bellevue” is also situated around that area and it is worth visiting inside even though the price of the food there is above 25 euros. There is also Linnanpuisto which was an old prison before but now has turned to a 4 stars hotel.

Library is also a recommended place to visit. National library of Finland which is next to Tuomikirkko is a very nice place with beautiful, grand decorations of the building inside. There are also Kallio library, Sello library, Entresse library and more.

Sibelius Park is a must place to visit if you want to see something that represents Finland.
It is a free entry and the park was named after a very famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, there you will see two monuments, Passio Musicae and sculpture of the face of Sibelius.
There is also a seaside nearby with an old cafe, Cafe Regatta where you can taste coffee and Finnish traditional Cinnamon bun for 6,20 euros. It is really worth spending time there with a nice view, feeling the nature of Finland.

Seurasaari is an island where you can reach by foot and it has an open-air museum featuring traditional Finnish style of houses and manors. You may see many squirrels running around the trees as well.

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