Free Helsinki city view from above

Would you like to have bird’s eye view of Helsinki for free? Find the list of places and short descriptions below.

Panorama at Linnamaki 
There is a tower that you can get on for free and it will take you high up from the ground, showing 360° Helsinki. If you have kids with you, they would love to spend more time there with games and fun rides with paid tickets.

Hotel Torni 

Torni is a pretty high building within the city center. At the top floor there is a bar and restaurant which is quite expensive but the view there is fantastic.

Sokos Hotel Helsinki
There is a terrace on the top floor of Hotel Helsinki where you can see the movements of Helsinki people from above.


Clarion Hotel It is located next to the harbor and you can enjoy the calm city view with a cup of drink at the sky bar.

There is a nice view from the 5th floor of Kamppi shopping center with many different types of restaurants there.

Uspenski Cathedral With the lofty position of the church you can see presidential house and the market place from above, outside the church.  

Biggest electronic shop in Helsinki and there is an opened rooftop to get the view of whole Helsinki city. An old jet plane from Finnish Air Force is also located on the roof. Tip: there’s 24hr opened store where you can go buy a new phone in emergency case. Almost all the accessories for Apple product is available here.

Tahtitorninvuoren Puisto - it is situated on a hill and you can get great view of the sea. 


Click here to see free museums and worth cultural places to visit in Helsinki, recommended by locals.


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