Day trips from Helsinki

Done visiting every sight you could in Helsinki? Want to visit more places but don’t have the time? Here are some places from Helsinki you could plan a day trip.




 Get away from the cities and spend a relaxing day within the nature at the national park of Nuuksio, where even locals prefer to go. Choose one from three trails to hike, depending on how challenging you want it to be, or go off the trail and just explore. Canoeing is possible on lake Pitkäjärvi, and why not also take a dip in the lake. You can also go berry and mushroom picking when in season, or just relax with friends and family and have a nice picnic. Be sure to keep your eyes open for any flying squirrels on rare occasions!






It may seem far, but Lapland is only an hour plane ride away from Helsinki, perfect for a day trip. Take in the breathtaking scenery of untouched nature, maybe spot a few wildanimals here and there. Take the children to visit the home of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, because who doesn’t love Santa Claus?






If you’re into finnish history, Hämeenlinna is your place to go. This old town has multiple historical sights and museums, including the history museum in Häme castle, the art museum in the house of a famous finnish composer Jean Sibelius, and the prison museum that showcases the time of the finnish correctional camp. If you want to relax, visit the beautiful national park Aulanko and just breathe in the fresh air.





The former capital city Turku is only two hours away by bus or train from Helsinki. The town centre has almost everything, from cathedrals and museums to shops and cafes. For moomin lovers, a little further away in Naantali is the Moomin World theme park, as well as the archipelago national park.





Only a few hours away from Helsinki, Porvoo is a 14th century town many like to visit. Famous for its red wooden houses lined up by the river, it is a place where you can thoroughly enjoy the finnish lifestyle. Dine at the restaurants by the river, rent kayaks or canoes by the Porvoo river, or check out the Porvoo museum and Doll and Toy museum, with over a thousands toys and dolls from the 19th century.





Only 30 kilometers away from the russian border, Lappeenranta is a place where you can still see the russian heritage. Check out the Finland’s oldest eastern orthodox churchand the city’s old town, the Fortress, that the swedish had started building and the russians finished, with multiple attractions amazing sights. 30 minutes away is one of Europe’s most known attractions during  the 18th century Imatrankoski rapids located in Finland’s oldest nature park Crown park.






Pori is a three hour drive away from Helsinki located in the west coast of Finland. People interested in architecture are recommended to check out Villa Mairea, one of the masterpieces of Alvar Aalto, a famous finnish architecture and designer. If you visit during the summer, be sure to be there for one of Finland’s biggest events, the Pori Jazz Festival, that attracts people all over to just jam.



land island



Catch a cruise to Mariehamn, the capital of Finland’s autonomous archipelago Åland. Explore the multiple islands, or just stroll through the town where history meets presentwith lovely restaurants and cafes around. If you want to learn more of the archipelago, visit the maritime museum, with lots of exhibitions and interactive stations. The 19tcentury four-masted ship Pommern is also located near the museum.





Visit an entirely different country in only 90 minutes from Helsinki. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is only a cheap cruise away, with boats leaving several times a day. The UNESCO World Heritage Old Town is 10 minutes aways from the port, with medieval architecture, restaurants and museums all around. Nearby are also Malls and markets, perfect for those who like shopping.







In a two day cruise, you’ll be able to visit Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. The cruise itself has lots of entertainm

ent for both children and adults, as well as tax free shoppingand a dinner buffet. The highlight of the cruise, the midnight show is also something that shouldn’t be missed. Walk through the old town of Stockholm and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of their cafe terraces. If you’re not keen on that, check out the shops and malls located right next to the old town.


Knowing how to get to places beforehand always makes travelling easier. Here are some options that you should consider:

  • Onnibus - Starting from two euros, Onnibus is a modern inter-city express bus that travels across Finland. Get to your destination in a comfortable coach equipped with air conditioning and wifi. You can book the tickets on their website with no extra charges for luggage, but be sure that it applies to their luggage policy.
  • VR Train - Though pricier than Onnibus, taking the train will bring you to your destination quickly. The train travels all across Finland, even all the way to St. Petersburg in Russia. You can book tickets online, or purchase them at the train stations.
  • Cruise - There are several cruises that go to different locations departing from Helsinki. The most known ones would be Tallink departing to Tallinn and Silja Line and Viking Line departing to Stockholm. Tickets must be purchased beforehand, but after that just enjoy the cruise.
  • Plane - Taking the plane may be the most expensive option, but it is also the fastest. With it, it will only take an hour to get to Lapland from Helsinki. You never know, sometimes plane tickets might be even cheaper than the other options.

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