Gourmet Route


An Enjoyable Walk Around “Delicious Helsinki”


If you feel hungry during your shopping tour, it’s not a problem. You can choose from one of the nine outstanding restaurants located in the heart of Helsinki on Aleksanterinkatu Street and its surrounding area.

1.  Start your journey from a real Viking restaurant – The Harald Restaurant. Located in the middle of Helsinki, you can dine like the Vikings of old - Eric the Victorious or Magnus the Good.




     2.    Would you like to try something hot, spicy, and extremely delicious? Then, the Mexican restaurant Pancho Villa with its luscious and mouthwatering meals is perfect for you. It’s located on the first floor of the Kluuvi Shopping Center

3.  Want to enjoy your lunch on a cozy patio outdoors? The Mexican restaurant Santa Fe is an excellent choice!

4.   If you dream about the original Finnish soup but your friends are talking about delicious Australian steak, don’t hesitate – go straight to the Goodwin Restaurant that is also close to the shopping district


meat goodwin


5.  You tried Finnish delicacies and would like to find something fast and tasty? Your one stop for your fast food fix – Stop by and place your order with the fast and friendly Burger King restaurant.

6.  Or maybe you want to have a coffee break or perhaps to just enjoy a glass of wine without leaving the street? The new Sofia Bistro complex close to Senate Square will be a breath of fresh air for you.

7.   Hunger is unpredictable! Sometimes it steps up to bite you when most of the restaurants are closed. In that case, you can always rely on the Manala Restaurant. Without a doubt, it has the best pizza in the city.  

8.   Visiting the capital city on the coastline without tasting seafood is impractical. However, enjoying the fresh seafood and the wondrous, picturesque views is uniquely double your pleasure when you reserve a table at the floating restaurant Meripaviljonki!




9.   Seafood tartar, caramel kimchi, Sakura mocha-mochi, and delicious dim-sum. This is not, in any way, connected with a trip to the Asian region. This is the very best of fine Asian dining in Finland – Gaijin Restaurant. The best place to complete your ‘cuisine’ vacation and take home only incredibly positive impressions.




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