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 What to do in Helsinki – advice from locals.

Staying in the capital of the North certainly will not be boring – the choices for your leisure time are huge: from extreme sports to the unusual combination of bars with Finnish saunas.  

Get to know Helsinki-after-dark at the popular Hard Rock Café, which is located in downtown Helsinki. The two-story recreational center, which includes a bar, restaurant, scene and a store, is suitable for enjoying American food, watching unusual performances, and for having a party with an exceptional choice of cocktails.


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Anyone who wants to hang out night after night can find something exclusive in the diverse, authentic bars. Here you can find a plane bar, a sauna with a modern, fashionable disco, or a detective bar with a secret password at the entrance. If you are interested in hot shows for adults, come on over to the Crystal Night Show Club.

In the rare case that nightlife doesn’t appeal to you and you came with your family, Linnanmäki amusement park is a must-see. It includes a fairy-school and a school of candy floss, a kingdom of crooked mirrors, a refreshing roller coaster, a free observation tour with a magnificent view of the city, and plunging into the miraculous marine world of Sealife. Entrance, as well as 10 attractions, is free.




To obtain more enjoyment and receive greater benefits from your holidays, go to the Heureka scientific and entertainment center. Besides the standard exhibitions, there is a new one devoted to dinosaurs. Also, you can see children riding bikes on a rope, real rats playing basketball, and robots are the administrators of cities. The performances in the dome cinema are available in 8 languages. Even kids can enjoy a qualitative movie with the aid of earphones!  

You’ve enjoyed Helsinki in full, but are still thirsty for new emotions? Then get some Onnibus tickets and visit some of the nearby cities. Ancient Porvoo, historical Turku, craftsman city Fiskars, or a kingdom of one thousand lakes – Mikkeli. It’s up to you what to choose. Make your own route while you travel; free Wi-Fi is available on every Onnibus.




You want to get more advice about popular places where locals like to stay with children, relax on the weekends, dance until the break of dawn, or stay with Mother Nature? Find the full review of advice from residents in the free app Smart Guide Helsinki Finland or on the website:  www.smartguide.fi

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You want to know more advice about popular places where locals like to stay with children, have rest on weekends, dance until the break of dawn or stay with nature? Find the full review of advice from residents in a free app Smart Guide Helsinki Finland or on a web-site www.smartguide.fi


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